Statistical Methods II PSYC Assignment

Assignment Task


  1. An experiment assessed whether exposure to various dust types (sterile vs pig excrement vs moose excrement) related to the number of asthma attacks suffered by children in the 1-year period following exposure. The researcher measured the number of attacks suffered by 18 children during the year following repeated exposure to one type of dust. Perform the analysis, including post hoc LSD t-tests if needed, tabulate the results, and write a concise report. Note that the sum of the sum of squares (SS) is 2552.

  2. This year, departing graduate students in several faculties reported the number of years spent to complete their PhD thesis requirements. Answer all questions from (a) to (e).

a) Complete the ANOVA table provided below. Demonstrate the calculations for (i) to (ii).

b) How many faculties were compared?

c) Assuming equal n`s, how many students per faculty participated?

d) Is there a difference among the faculties concerning the time spent on their theses?

e) What is the effect size for the main effect of faculty?