Writingdock is not only known for its exceptional work that its writers provide to our customers, but there are many reasons and tons of freebies that we provide to our customers. These freebies includes competitive pricing, advanced dispatch system, personalized services and most importantly highly dedicated support team. But the most important factor is our advanced delivery system and our fool proof delivery policy. Our writers work day and night and strive really hard to complete your writing task within the deadline.

Refund policy:

We take our clients very seriously and to provide them utmost comfort and to clear their doubts we have designed a refund policy which will be helpful to you in case your work is delayed or it is improper.

Refund may happen due to following reasons:

Writer not assigned

In case if this type of situation occurs amount of the refund will be 100% z. The customer should not worry since they will be notified as soon as possible and the amount will be refunded simultaneously following by an apology letter from our site. But these types of scenarios does not occur usually, if this happened we will send you a promo code exclusively for that particular costumer as a token of apology.

You decided to cancel the order after the writer was assigned:

The Writer was confirmed means he/she was briefed properly about your order and started the research according to your needs, but you decided to cancel the order. In this scenario, the amount of refund may vary from 75% to 50%, some deduction will be made as to cover the efforts of the company provide you with the product and services purchased. If the Writer was confirmed and over half of the remaining deadline has passed, then you decided to cancel the order. In this case the refund amount will vary between 25%-0% in order to cover the writer’s and company’s efforts to provide you with premium quality writing content.

In case of late delivery:

In case of any late delivery, writingdock will be responsible. We try our level best to always deliver on time but this type of thing may be happen, it can only happen if the Writer gets ill or in case of any natural calamity. The company will refund an appropriate amount to compensate the late delivery as a token of sorry. The amount to be refunded will be decided after conversation with the client.