We have a very strict privacy policy at writingdock, we are not like any other sites we are an organization and work according to our proper rules and regulation. Our clients, employees and the whole organizational system is bound to follow our privacy policy strictly, we do not compromise on it under any circumstances. Our policy allows any person all around the globe to get their work done without worrying about their privacy or any information getting leaked as our systems are extremely protected by high quality security system and malware. So, you don’t have to be worried at all about anything getting public, get your work done by us anonymously.

Security Act:

Our organization works on the laws and regulations mentioned by the British government. All of submitted data at our site is protected under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486). We make sure to protect our user’s privacy at any cost as we view it as a key principal to do any work. All the third party sites who’s links you found at our site is also not accessible to your personal information at it is protected from them also. We process and store your personal information only on those servers and computers which are protected by cyber security as well as physical protection, only authorized personals are allowed to access your data. For further information on our Privacy Policy, do visit our privacy policy page regularly at writingdock.

Data collection:

Data collection is only done for specific reasons at our site, we will be collecting, processing and storing your Personal information and Data for some specified tasks.

The tasks may include things like: Registration and processing of various type applications for our services, efficient and effecting payments and completing instructions or requests. For providing our services and operational purposes. For statistical and behavioral analysis, for conduction of marketing research in order to improve our services and products. For establishment, continuation and management of relationship with each individual client. For identity verification, government sanctions screening and diligence checks. To comply with all the local and foreign laws, regulations, judgments, directives and court orders, agreements between the Site and any authority, regulator, or enforcement agency, policies, good practice, government sanctions or embargoes, reporting requirements under legislation and regulation, for demands or requests of any authority, regulator, tribunal, enforcement agency, or exchange body. To seek any professional or legal advice, for use in any legal proceeding, for establishing, exercising or defending any legal rights.

These are some defined purposes for which we will be collecting and storing your data, nothing more or nothing else.

Retention of your data:

Once we have completed and delivered your order, your information will be saved at our site for only six months, only after six months it will be erased in order to follow our privacy protocol. The data is retained for only some specified purposes like any regulatory, legal business and operational purposes for a specified period of time.

Marketing policy:

We send some marketing material via mail to our clients, in case you are bothered by it, you can cancel it by clicking the link at the very bottom of the email or you can notify s at the time of your order. After your notification, no marketing mail will be sent to you by writingdock.

Monitoring policy:

To ensure compliance with our legal, internal policies and regulatory obligations we may record and monitor your telecom communications for the purposes which are mentioned above. These communications can also be seen by you at your client portal on our website.

Right of Access:

You have all the rights to ask for a copy of your personal data processed in relation between you and writingdock, it is proved by the applicable laws, regulations and industry guidelines. However in exchange of this data writingdock have all the rights to charge you an appropriate fee.

Amendments in Privacy Policy:

At writingdock our privacy policy is continuously updated time to time, according to the ever changing laws and regulations. So it is your responsibility to keep checking our site in order to fulfill the criteria’s of our privacy policy.

Third Party Websites and their interaction with us:

At writingdock you may found multiple third party links, these links are provide entirely for your convenience and does not in any case operate as an endorsement for the linked site, its products and services. If you register on any of these sites and something happened’s regarding your personal information or any financial loss occurs, Writingdock will not be responsible for any damages if any kind relating to these third party sites.