Designing PCs and Servers for CAD Excellence Assignment

Assignment Task Scenario:

In this assignment, you will serve as a computer hardware and networking consultant for a firm named “Made to Measure Computers” – MTMC.

Your new client, “Nuts & Bolts Imaging,” specializes in producing sophisticated designs of parts for the automotive industry. As they expand their Computer Aided Design (CAD) operation, they require new desktop PCs, servers, and network configuration to enhance their service capabilities across different design areas.

They need 30 desktop PCs capable of running Autodesk’s latest version of AutoCAD. Each PC must support at least 2 display screens with an option for adding a third. Additionally, the systems should ensure user comfort and adhere to health and safety standards.

For servers, they require 2 file server units to serve as central design storage and backup. These servers need basic display hardware and should accommodate remote access.

Your tasks include:

Ensuring that the PC designs meet AutoCAD`s latest version requirements. Selecting suitable operating system licenses for each PC. Providing detailed justifications for component selections. Incorporating security features for data safeguarding. Costing the machines within a budget of £2500 sterling per PC, including a 10% profit margin. Designing file servers suitable for master and mirror server roles, considering network operating system installation and licensing. Investigating and recommending mirroring options for the two servers, such as continuous backup or load-balancing approaches. Incorporating security features for the servers. Providing full costing for the servers within a budget of £3000 sterling per server, including a 10% profit margin.