Essentials of Management Internal Assignment - NMIMS Global Access

Assignment Task Questions

  1. Pino’s Pizza, a Pizza restaurant established in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, is contemplating expanding its operations to Mumbai and Thane. They are seeking guidance on the decision-making process. Can you assist them by explaining the decision-making process?

  2. The real estate sector in India is currently facing significant challenges, including a surplus of unsold inventory, cash flow constraints, and regulatory restrictions such as RERA. Rakul Developers seeks guidance on the contingency approach and its applicability to their situation. How can this approach benefit them?

  3. Zlender is a newly established organization specializing in the manufacturing of handmade gifting articles. They have engaged you as their consultant.

a. Can you provide guidance to Zlender regarding the various types of plans they should consider implementing?

b. Additionally, can you outline the process involved in planning for Zlender`s business operations?