You Are Required To Create A PowerPoint Presentation, With An Emphasis On Play, Rest, And Recreation:

PowerPoint Presentation – Part A (20%)

You are required to create a PowerPoint presentation, with an emphasis on play, rest, and recreation which details your proposed change to the indoor/outdoor environments, and/or program of activities in your school-age childcare setting.

Further Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentation

Format of Presentation:

  • The presentation should include up to a total of 7 PowerPoint Slides.
  • The presentation should last between 5-7 minutes.
  • The presentation should outline your suggested changes, underpinning the rationale for these changes with reference to psychological research and knowledge of quality SAC provision.
  • You have the option to present your PowerPoint in class face to face, or by recording a screencast onto the PowerPoint.
  • Include one Reference Section at the end of your PowerPoint Presentation.

Organisation for Presentation:

  • You will be allocated a date, time, and venue for your presentation, the presentation will be timetabled within the program timetable.
  • On the assessment day, your uploaded PowerPoint Presentation saved on Moodle prior to presentation day will be downloaded and saved on the desktop of the college IT computer, use of remote control (clicker) and/or click mouse can be used.
  • Should you have any questions/problems regarding your presentation, please alert your supervising lecturer as soon as possible, and prior to the assessment day