Write a report to explain your visualisations and to include your critical reflection of your visualisation and analysis techniques, F20DV Data Visualisation And Analytics, Heriot-Watt

This coursework aims to develop and showcase a range of skills, including problem-solving, communication, and time management. It emphasizes active learning, innovative development, critical thinking, and subject matter expertise. You`ll discuss, explain, and justify your implementation details, ensuring a thorough understanding of concepts, reasons, and limitations.

The coursework focuses on designing and developing dynamic, interactive visualisations based on selected data sources. It`s essential to work on this independently beyond scheduled lab sessions.

Assessment Overview

This assessed coursework involves understanding, designing, developing, implementing, and testing visualisation scenarios. Key requirements include:

  1. Identifying and downloading appropriate data sources.
  2. Conceptualising, developing, and testing visualisation prototypes.
  3. Planning, implementing, and debugging visualisation prototypes.
  4. Incorporating tested visualisations into designs and presenting them.
  5. Writing a report explaining visualisations and providing critical reflections on visualisation and analysis techniques.
  6. Submitting a video demonstrating visualisations and code.


Design and implement an interactive web-based visualisation application using D3 on a theme of your choice. Each student`s coursework, including the report, code, and data sources, must be unique.

Your visualisation dashboard should be complex, interactive, and animated, featuring multiple graphical outputs that communicate a coherent story using manipulated data sources and appropriate analytics techniques.


Identify and use relevant data sources related to your chosen theme. Ensure datasets have sufficient variables and observations for creating visualisations.


Core Requirements Ensure compliance with all core requirements to avoid disqualification and zero marks.

C1. Develop a web-based application using D3.js (version 7+) without server-side code or JavaScript compiled from other languages. C2. Use transitions and/or animations to highlight new, changing, or exiting data. C3. Design an intuitive user interface. C4. Consider accessibility in UI design. C5. Document source code comprehensively. C6. Explain design and implementation choices in the report. C7. Present your application with a submitted video.

Application Requirements Your application should align with the following:

A1. Clearly present the theme of your dashboard, offering an in-depth, coherent visualisation story. A2. Use a single HTML page (index.html) for the application. A3. Load all visualisations on the single HTML page. A4. Utilise at least three different visualisation types. A5. Showcase a selected dataset section with positive and negative facets using two visualisation layouts. A6. Implement appropriate data analytics techniques. A7. Develop a complex, interactive, animated visualisation with multiple graphical outputs.