Why the topic is a justice issue Why the topic is a women’s health issue

When writing about a social justice issue, students should examine both sides; the student takes a stance, and provides evidence to support their viewpoint. 

The Research Paper is an argumentative paper; students will make a claim about their topic and justify this claim with specific evidence. The goal of the paper is to convince the audience that their stance is preferred based on the evidence provided. 

The goal is to write thoroughly, but concisely. The final research paper should be including the title page and reference page. Use APA style guidelines for formatting and referencing. The paper must include the following elements: 

Title Page Body of the paper: Each new topic introduced should have a 1st level heading for organizational purposes. Sub-headings may be used as needed. 

Introduction to include: research topic, culture under study and thesis statement Why the topic is a justice issue Why the topic is a women’s health issue Background information on the topic

Description of the population and its culture; include how the culture impacts or is impacted by the issue
Outline both sides of the issue using factual and objective evidence State the issue Describe two arguments against your position State your position and make at least two arguments for your position

Discussion of actions taken by those affected and their communities; discussion of possible actions that could be taken by others Conclusion to include the most important concepts from each of the paper’s main sections
References page: List a minimum of five resources; they may include books, journal articles, government reports, non-governmental organization reports, and other authoritative sources.