What specific planning and preparation did you do prior to this activity taking place?

Performance Criteria: Section 1

You must complete 5 diary entries, where you have carried out an activity or taken part in an activity, in each of the following areas (one diary entry per area – 5 diary entries in total):

  • Communication – Diary Entry 1
  • Personal Care – Diary Entry 2
  • Inclusion – Diary Entry 3
  • Promoting Independence – Diary Entry 4
  • A Classroom Activity – Diary Entry 5

*            Learners should use the headings below to structure each of their diary entries.

  1. Detailed description of personal planning and preparation for activities
  • Name of activity
  • What class planning occurred around this activity?
  • What specific planning and preparation did you do prior to this activity taking place?
  • How did you ensure that your chosen child/children was/were prepared for this activity?

2. Personal skills audit and learning goals set:

  • What specific skills do you currently possess which would aid this task
  • How do you feel these skills will ensure the smooth running of this activity?
  • What specific learning goals have you set for yourself in this task?

3. Detailed description of work:

  • Give a detailed account of your role in this task

4. Discuss new learning that has occurred:

  • What challenges did you face during this activity?
  • What worked well and what went badly

5: Review of learning goals:

  • What specific learning goals have you met
  • What specific learning goals have you not met and why?

6. Demonstrate an insight into issues within the work environment:

  • When completing this task what specific areas needed consideration (health and safety, curricular, behaviour difficulties, specific needs of the children)
  • State 2 considerations.
  • Focusing on one of these areas state why this consideration was important and what attention or forethought they needed before the activity could take place.

Performance Criteria: Section 2:

Please answer the following questions.

  1. Looking back on your work placement discuss how recent legislation has encouraged further inclusion and integration in your centre.
  2. Upon reflection, outline areas you have identified for personal and professional development considering your work experience.