What are the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved?

Question: Write a report highlighting how codes of practice and professional standards are maintained in the selected organisation (2000 words)


Introduction (200 words)
Introduce the entire concept. Tell the reader what the report wants to address in your chosen organisation.


Overview of the organisation and the type of business (300 words)

Within this section include the following:
• What does the organisation do? What type of business is this?
• What are the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved?

Moral and ethical responsibility (350 words)

Within this section discuss the following:
• What are the moral obligations of the organisations?
• Why are ethical behaviour important? - link this to the company`s reputation

Leadership and corporate governance (350 words)

Within this section address the following:
• The importance of having strong leadership and corporate governance within an organisation.
• How does the chosen organisation contribute to a good corporate governance, the structure/strategy should be address.

Professional bodies and codes of conduct (600 words)

Within this section address the followings:
• Identify some professional bodies, how does these bodies help enhance professionalism within the organisation, discuss the positive influence that the professional body have on the industry.
• Discuss the importance of the standards set by the professional bodies (e.g., RIBA, CIOB).

• Explain the importance of codes of conduct with organisation.
• Discuss how code of conduct(s) and professional standards have been incorporated within the organisation.


Summary of essay (200 words)

Please provide a clear conclusion to the report and conclusion should include the following:
• Summarise the purpose of the report
• Connect your introductory and concluding paragraphs.
• Remind the reader of the introductory statements made in your conclusion allows the reader to feel that the writing project is complete.
• The conclusion can include a sentence that suggests that they learn more about the topic