What are the existing practices and strategies employed in project stakeholder management, and what are their strengths and weaknesses in the context of government-funded infrastructure projects?


The principle of "nothing for us without us" is deeply ingrained in the South African community, emphasising the significance of stakeholder management in any project, particularly government-funded infrastructural endeavours. All the stakeholders significantly impact the government-funded infrastructure project being measured through this research. The government is pivotal in funding community development infrastructure projects in a developing country like South Africa. Infrastructure development projects attract many external stakeholders.

The central aim of this research revolves around multiple categories of stakeholders in such infrastructural projects that involve community organisations, the business community, the funder who is the client, the user client, authorities, and a team of professionals, who play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the project. These stakeholders form part of the decision-making processes. The impact of each category has been critically evaluated, considering the risk associated with the project and enabling strategies that guide the successful implementation of the project.

New York I think it would be beneficial to add perhaps another two paragraphs to introduction introduce the reader to the study. It is also a good idea to give the reader some indication of how this chapter will unfold for example mentioned you will highlight the background the aims the objectives…….., mention something about countries such as south africa pakistan and colombia and then this will actually flow into the background.

Background to the study

The management of stakeholders are becoming increasingly important since sustainable business projects gained popularity. It is a component of modern project management due to the risks and complexity of government infrastructure projects. Because the various stakeholders are internal and external to the organisation, developing countries such as South Africa, Pakistan, and Columbia each have unique requirements from their governments, it is essential that these countries take stakeholder management into account when formulating policies and planning infrastructure programs as it helps in achieving the objective of sustainable development of the developing country (Ministry of housing community and local government (U.K.), 2021). Correct the reference External stakeholder engagement is considered crucial to generate inter-organisational values such as…… in the project (Lehtinen & Aaltonen, 2020).

Infrastructure Projects are established and implemented to benefit the community and/or the funder. When it comes to government-funded infrastructure projects, there is a dual objective in mind. Firstly, it aims to achieve specific deliverables and outcomes. Secondly, it strives to meet the targets set by the government concerned. To various stakeholders, the government-funded infrastructure project, particularly the construction of a school, holds different significances. The local community`s immediate goal is to see the school infrastructure completed. For the contractor involved, the primary aim is to make a profit, while the professional team focuses on delivering the school within the specified scope, budget, and schedule.

Research questions

The qualitative research questions that follow are:

  1. What are the existing practices and strategies employed in project stakeholder management, and what are their strengths and weaknesses in the context of government-funded infrastructure projects?
  2. What is the significance of project stakeholder management in government-funded infrastructure projects, and how does it contribute to project success and stakeholder satisfaction?
  3. Who are the key stakeholders involved in the Thulare High School project, what roles do they play, and how do their interests and power dynamics impact project decision-making and implementation?
  4. How effective are the current stakeholder management strategies utilized in the Thulare High School project, and what areas can be improved or refined for enhanced project outcomes?
  5. Based on the findings from the Thulare High School case study and relevant literature, what context-specific recommendations and guidelines can be developed to improve stakeholder management practices in government-funded infrastructure projects in South Africa?

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