The Following Histogram Shows The Distribution Of Life Expectancy Rates In The World In 1960: Quantitative Research Analysis Assignment, UCD, Ireland

  • The following histogram shows the distribution of life expectancy rates in the world in 1960:

Your job is to use the “Second Class” data to make a histogram that is identical to the above histogram in every respect, except that: 1) you show life expectancy rates for the year 2000 instead of 1960, 2) you substitute your own name for “My name” (or add your name in brackets after x-axis title), and 3) you change the title as appropriate for the data you are using. Make sure that the text labeling the y-axis is horizontal. After you make the graph, copy and paste it into an MS Word document.

  • In the text that is no longer than 1 page long, describe the distribution of life expectancy across nations in 1960 and in 2000, and also describe how the distribution has changed in this period. In other words, compare the histogram you make with the histogram shown above. Include the appropriate amount of detail and verbal description – not too much and not too little. That is, include some hard detail (numbers), but do not allow your description to be completely dominated by numbers. You can also look up particular countries and their life expectancy (e.g., invoking list life1960 if country==”country name”) for illustration.