SPHY205 Assessment3: Intervention Plan - Medical Sciences Assignment Help

Assessment of AOS

The four essential parts of a motor speech examination apply to AOS:

  1. History
  2. Examination of the oral mechanism (OMA)
  3. Perceptual assessment of speech characteristics
  4. Assessment of intelligibility, comprehensibility, efficiency

Assessment of speech motor planning

Observing speech production under differential planning demands

  • Tasks where planning demands are lighter = easier (in theory)
  • Task where planning demands are heavier = more difficult (in theory)


  • AMRs / SMRs
  • Repetition of words of increasing length
  • Repetition of phrases and sentences
  • Count 1-20
  • Count 20-1
  • Recite days of week
  • Sing a familiar song, e.g. “Happy Birthday”
  • Phrase/Sentence completion, e.g. “bacon and ...”

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