MT5000: You Are A Data Analyst For The UNICEF Organisation, An You Have Been Asked To Design A Tableau Dashboard

You are a Data Analyst for the UNICEF organisation, an you have been asked to design a Tableau Dashboard to raise awareness of the public on a specific world issue.


Two data files, unicef_indicator_l.csv and unicef_indicator_2.csv, emailed to you are extracts from the UNICEF database and include one indicator each ( For more information about the indicators you have received, look for them here: Create one tableau dashboard that focuses at least on one of these two files. You can also create a tableau dashboard that focuses on both of them if you can tell a story that make sense to you (the two indicators are very different so it might not be possible).

In addition, a third data file is also included in the email, unicef metadata.csv. This third data file is a selection World Development Indicators from the World Bank (https:/[ Using these data is optional but it can be very helpful to establish relationships with the other two files. You can use additional data from alternative sources in addition to the files sent to you but the dashboard has to focus on either unicef_indicator_l.csv or unicef_indicator_2.csv, or both.

Tell a “story” (i.e., narrative) behind the data in ONE Tableau Dashboard (not a tableau story). There is no limit in terms of figure, type of figure, dashboard length and width, or story word count but it is advised to have between 4 and 6 figures.