MKTG3040: During this visit, you are required to observe the business in enough detail to describe the service delivery process, the servicescape,

Individual Written Project – Servicescape Report

You are required to select an experience (a series of service encounters) when visiting a service organization by choosing any ONE company (your own choice) from ONE category of the industry given below and construct a Servicescape report.

Industry categories:

  • Hotel
  • Fashion retail
  • Beauty and wellness

You will visit the organization outside of class time to conduct a comprehensive descriptive and critical analysis of the service delivery process as well as the organization’s service environment (servicescape).

During this visit, you are required to observe the business in enough detail to describe the service delivery process, the servicescape, and the tangible elements that facilitate the service performance (by all parties), communication of the service, and customer/employee experience. This will apprise your critical analysis and subsequent recommendations on how the delivery process and service environment (servicescape), from the perspectives of all stakeholders, could be improved.

You are required to observe the service environment of the chosen service organization. You need to relate the style and appearance of the physical surroundings and other experiential elements encountered by customers during the service delivery process. It is highly recommended to utilize photos, pictures, or illustrations to display key findings and discoveries whenever relevant. You are required to analyze the relevance and the relationship among the three dimensions of the servicescape.

In conducting the environmental audit of the servicescape, it is recommended that students consider the THREE (3) dimensions of the servicescape:

  • Ambient conditions
  • Spatial layout & functionality
  • Signs, symbols, & artifacts

The overall grade for this assignment will be based on:

  • depth and substance of your observation
  • ability to apply relevant services marketing concepts and theories and journal articles to explain your observation
  • ability to critically evaluate the delivery process and servicescape
  • appropriateness of recommendations
  • the professionalism of the report (that is, presentation, English expression, grammar, spelling, and clarity) and the use of appropriate sources.

There are no rules regarding the format of the paper. However, where theory is cited references should be provided and topic headings could be used to guide the reader through the key themes as they relate to each service encounter. Creativity and thoroughness of research will be rewarded, as well as clear evidence of applying the relevant literature to your critical analysis.

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