identify influential marketers who have succeeded in running online stores and examine their impact on consumer behavior.

Aim, Objective, and Research Questions

The major goal of this study is to look into the impact of influencer marketing on long-term customer behaviour. This study intends to give a complete knowledge of how influencer marketing techniques might encourage eco-conscious decisions among customers by evaluating the impact of influencers in promoting sustainability.

  • To ascertain the impact of various types of influencers and social media platforms on long-term customer behaviour
  • To determine the influence of influencer credibility and authenticity on customer perceptions towards sustainable products and practises
  • The purpose of this study is to look at the long-term consequences of influencer marketing initiatives on sustainable consumer behaviours
  • To give practical advice for businesses on how to properly use influencer marketing to promote sustainability

The present study seeks to investigate the influence of influencer marketing on the manifestation of sustainable consumer behaviour. The current research aims to conduct a thorough examination of the diverse elements that play a significant role in the complex decision-making process of consumers, thereby shedding light on their subsequent effects or influence.

  1. How does influencer marketing affect teens and young adults` behaviour

Research Objective

  • To understand the reasons behind online shopping behavior and its relevance in the context of sustainability.
  • To explore the types of products often purchased by online shoppers and the underlying motivations for these choices.
  • To investigate the decision-making process of online shoppers and the role of influencers in influencing their purchase decisions.
  • To identify influential marketers who have succeeded in running online stores and examine their impact on consumer behavior.
  • To analyze the frequency and quality of updates posted by influencers on their social media profiles.
  • To explore the extent to which online shoppers trust and take into consideration the suggestions and advice given by influencers.
  • To examine the methods used by consumers to evaluate the products recommended by marketing influencers and verify the accuracy of product reviews.
  • To assess the intention to buy and the likelihood of purchasing products online.
  • To determine the level of importance placed on online marketing influencers` advertising in the decision-making process.