Identify and justify a business issue that is of strategic relevance to the organization and pose and solve organizational problems.

Strategic Business Issue Justification and Organizational Problem Resolution

Identify and justify a strategic business issue critical to the organization and address associated organizational challenges. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected digital, social, and economic landscape within your professional field. Evaluate and contrast different research methods, considering their suitability for various situations and contexts. Complete the Digital Skills Planner to advance expertise in digital competencies. Enhance emotional intelligence to effectively regulate emotions and guide decision-making processes. Critically analyze contemporary literature, professional policies, and practices relevant to your subject discipline. Harness information and communication technology (ICT) proficiently to seize opportunities in the digital and social context. Strengthen interpersonal skills to enhance communication, empathy, and influence. Build the capacity to manage physiological responses, optimizing emotional states for effective problem-solving.