Identify 3 diverse bodies of opinion which relate to the future challenges University of Victoria AU

Choosing only 1 of the 3 aspirational careers you have researched, identify 3 diverse bodies of opinion (ideally though not necessarily academic articles) which relate to the future challenges faced by, and opportunities that exist within, your chosen field of career specialization.  These opinions will then contribute to your own thoughts about your chosen industry which you will then incorporate into your speech.   

Speech: Persuasive Oratory - 1000 Words

Create a 1000 word speech about the future of your industry, and the contribution that you will be able to make given the challenges facing your industry.  In developing the speech use the principles of persuasive argument construction, the Critical Thinking Tools.   

The speech is then to be delivered as a recording, accompanied by a written transcript of the speech.  Recording format can be either as a sound file (eg mp3) or as a video presentation using Kultura (Deakin Air) or Powerpoint.     

Critical Reflection: 1000 Words

To complete the assignment, you will write a 1000 word reflection on the speech.  The reflection will evaluate the effectiveness of the speech in communicating your ideas.  It will also identify the use of the Critical Thinking tools that you have used, and their effectiveness in creating a strong and persuasive presentation.  The critical reflection on the speech should analyse its components, arguments, evidence and style.