HRMG5064 Develop an understanding of selected theories, debates and research that relate to organisational behaviour and human resource management.

Reflective Essay - Pyramid International Company (PIC) Ltd

Learning Outcome 1: Understanding Organisational Behaviour and HRM Theories

Task Overview: In response to the surge in global Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activities as highlighted by the Financial Times (FT), consider the formation of an imaginary multinational corporation (MNC) named Pyramid International Company (PIC). PIC is a product of cross-border M&A, harmonizing diverse social, cultural, and institutional realities. As a Human Resource Manager or General Manager within PIC, your essay aims to address various challenges and strategic considerations.

Essay Structure and Focus:

  1. Introduction (250 words): Set the context for the essay by outlining the key issues and presenting the essay`s structure.

  2. Fun at Work Strategies (500 words): Propose two fun strategies to enhance work enjoyment at PIC, considering cultural and personality differences among employees.

  3. Cross-Border Recruitment Challenges (500 words): Discuss three major challenges in international labor recruitment and deployment, offering potential solutions.

  4. Limitations of Transformational Leadership (500 words): Critically evaluate why transformational leadership theory may not universally apply in a multicultural, international work environment like PIC.

  5. Kurt Lewin`s Change Model (500 words): Explore how Kurt Lewin`s three-step change model can assist PIC managers in fostering a sociable work ethic among diverse employees.

  6. Cultural Diversity Benefits (500 words): Utilize Hofstede`s cultural dimensions to discuss how employees from different backgrounds can leverage cultural diversity at PIC.

  7. Emotional Intelligence and Employee Motivation (500 words): Apply Goleman`s emotional intelligence model to enhance employee motivation within PIC.

  8. Conclusion (250 words): Summarize the main points addressed in the essay and reflect on the challenges encountered and lessons learned.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Ensure a coherent and structured essay, focusing on the specified aspects of organizational behavior and HRM.
  • Apply relevant theories, concepts, and empirical evidence to support arguments.
  • Engage critically with recent journal articles (2014-2019) from specified ABS3* and 4* journals.
  • Demonstrate analytical depth by comparing and evaluating theories, perceptions, and approaches.
  • Avoid superficial explanations or definitions; instead, conduct a critical analysis of contemporary issues in business and management.