How you would undertake the field work and collect the data. Discuss the ethical consideration.

1 Research question and justification (10 marks)

Explain the business related research topic you are interested in exploring further.  Develop a research question and explain the significance of the research in how it could solve a problem that can be perceived relevant for a Hawke’s Bay or Gisborne based organisation.  All your arguments need to be supported with relevant academic research and referenced using APA referencing style.

2 Research Design 75 marks (15 marks each)

Explain how you will conduct this research, including the following dimensions:

1) The overall research design and related stages.

2) The research method you will use (choose one).

3) The sampling procedure.

4) How you would undertake the field work and collect the data.  Discuss the ethical consideration.

5) How you will analyse the collected data.

The research you are proposing must be feasible for a student to conduct within a semester without additional funding or resources.  You must support all your choices by relevant literature.

3  Limitations 15 marks

Critically evaluate the limitations of your proposed study design from different perspective