How will these recommendations improve the IPAWS mission?

-Analyze the recommendations and identify the importance of the recommendations and their genesis.
-Discuss their relevance in today’s complex environment.
-How will these recommendations improve the IPAWS mission?
-Are these recommendations feasible and what are the possible challenges with implementing?
-Are there any other recommendations/considerations for the success of the IPAWS mission?
Incorporate case studies, journal articles, and other scholarly means where appropriate to support your work.

Questions 2: Evacuation Case Study
Review a contemporary evacuation case study from the last 15 years to discuss and analyze. Select a disaster which required a community to evacuate from its impact (i.e.; fire, flood, hurricane, etc.). Reflect on the disaster and the role emergency management and public safety played (or should have played) in the preparedness, response, and recovery process. How did the community plan for the impact, educate and train the public, issue notifications, respond, conduct emergency sheltering, and recover. Analyze and synthesize the incident, effective actions from the planning and response process, and improvements for future incidents. You may select any incident domestic or international (Hurricane Sandy, Harvey, Irma; Camp Wildfire; Winter Storms; Fukushima Disaster; Canadian and Australian Fires; 2021 Flooding in Germany; etc.). (Note: After Action Reports can be very valuable for this question). Discretion and latitude is afforded to students on their selection. It is important to incorporate aspects discussed throughout the course.