Explore the communications approach used for thepreparation and presentation of the research project`s outcomes

Research project assignment

Learning Outcome 1: Explore the communications approach used for thepreparation and presentation of the research project`s outcomes

Learning Outcome 2: Explore the different types of communications approaches that can be used to present the research outcomes

Learning Outcome 3: Communicate research outcomes in an appropriate manner for the intended audience

Learning Outcome 4: Evaluate how the communication approach meets research project outcomes and objectives

Learning Outcome 5: Critically reflect how the audience for whom the research was conducted influenced the communication approach used for the preparation and presentation of the research project`s outcomes

Completing a piece of research is an opportunity for students to showcase theirintellect andtalents. It integrates knowledge with different skills and abilities that maynot have beenassessed previously, which may include seeking out and reviewingoriginal research papers, designing their own experimental work, solving problems asthey arise, managing time, finding new ways of analysing and presenting data, andwriting an extensive report. Research can always be a challenge but one that can beimmensely fulfilling, an experience that goes beyond a mark or a grade but extendsinto long-lasting areas of personal and professional development.

This unit introduces students to the skills necessary to deliver a complex,independently conducted research project that fits within an engineering context.On successful completion of this unit students will be able to deliver a complex andindependent research project in line with the original objectives, explain the criticalthinking skills associated with solving engineering problems, consider multipleperspectives in reaching a balanced and conclusion, and communicateeffectively a research project`s outcome.

Therefore, students develop skills such ascritical thinking, analysis, reasoning, interpretation, decision-making, informationliteracy, information and communication technology literacy, innovation, conflictresolution, creativity, collaboration, adaptability and written and oral communication.

Submission Formatand research content structure
The submission is in the form of a written research project. This should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font size 11.

You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections, as appropriate to a research project layout, and all the work must be supported with stated research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. The contents should consist of -

1. A distinctly structured engineering research project plan. This should be agreed with your tutor before embarking on the project report.

2. A completed logbook literature review of published material used, detailing your actions throughout the project.

3. The main body Research Project Report. The format of the report is the standard structure as discussed in the notes and in the body of the assignment brief.

4. A presentation to your tutor and peers using appropriate media. An electronic copy of your presentation should also be submitted.

5. A completed performance review which should be completed upon the research project`s completion.

Assignment Brief and Guidance

You are now looking to finalise and complete your studies in your chosen subject matter having received a full appraisal at the last company meeting to confirm your progression. Due to the information that you have provided, the company is keen to follow a new direction and open up research with regard to subjects it had decided were defunct or of no real interest as the potential hadn`t been brought to light.

Now you have carried out and completed your research report you are now asked to present your project findings to an audience consisting of company director and the management team. The presentation should be comprehensive in communication for the team to understand using all suitable media available to help deliver your presentation to your intended audience.

The presentation should last approximately 10 minutes and you will need to ensure all the major aspects of the project are covered. The use of comprehensive visual aids, photographs etc. is strongly recommended to aid in understanding for the audience.

Review document.
Upon completion of the project a performance review should be carried out to analyse your strengths and weaknesses throughout the preparation of the presentation of your research project findings.

Due to the new knowledge and understanding you have gained; your final review report is to evaluate how the different aspects that you chose to get across your findings during the presentation met research project learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

To finally analyse overall, critically reflect how presenting to the audience concerned, influenced how you chose and structured your approach to ensure a comprehensive preparation and complete coverage of the content in respect of the outcomes you stated.