Explanation of the problem. Underlying causes and factors that contribute to the existing situation:

Your task is to select a sector where corruption is rampant which can include for instance financial sector, gas and oil, forestry, construction, renewable resources, IT, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and private healthcare, and provide a comprehensive analysis of that chosen sector. There is a fair amount of flexibility that allows you to select a sector that you have an interest in it can be identified during the earlier class or seminar discussion, or you can select other sectors, with approval from the lecturer.

  1. Explanation of the problem.
  2. Underlying causes and factors that contribute to the existing situation.
  3. The debate on the consequences for different entities involved including the society as a whole as well as other entities.
  4. A debate on the detection mechanisms which have allowed or potentially can allow the detection of corrupt behaviors within the chosen sector; draw on previous experiences if possible.
  5. Some recommended solutions, including potential resources required and/or difficulty of implementation. Please note that these solutions essentially are recommendations; the actions that you are proposing to tackle the existing situation.