Explain the procedures and contractual arrangements for tendering

Tender and Procurement - Pearson Higher Nationals in Construction and the Built Environment

Assignment - The concept of tendering and tendering procedures

Learning Outcome 1: Define what constitutes a tender and the information required for this process.
Learning Outcome 2: Explain the procedures and contractual arrangements for tendering

Assignment Brief: Scenario
You`ve been employed as an assistant quantity surveyor (QS) with EMMA consulting limited, a local Cost Consulting firm. As part of your academic and apprenticeship training, your Principal QS asked you to prepare tender and procurement advice report, tender documents and the cost estimate for a client (the Board of Governors at Bath College) as tendering, procurement and cost advice on a small renovation/ modification building project. The project is specifically related to the construction of an additional floor on the left-wing of Bath College, City Centre Campus. The Board of Governors hope a new 12 million pound for new classrooms and offices for the University Centre Building (S-Block) at their City Centre Campus, will help attract more students and boost the local economy as part of their re-building programme. Produce a formal written report to answer the following tasks. Ensure answers to attempted tasks are clearly labelled using bullet points and sub-titles.

For this assignment you are going to produce two mini-reports considering the tendering process from the employer and contractor`s perspective. Drawings for the block of several classrooms from the development are attached.

Report 1
Your first report should consider how construction documents, for example drawings, specifications and schedules are used to inform the tendering process and critically evaluate tender accuracy when tendering against a Bill of Quantities or a specification. Your response should consider the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in this process. Your report should critically evaluate tendering against a Bill or specification in terms of accuracy and contract management.

Report 2
In this report you should firstly compare the different types of tendering processes available. Using the drawings for the flats at attached to this assignment use the New Rules of Measurement 2 to take of all works items up to and including d.p.c. summarise the report by evaluating the taking-off procedure against the traditional contracting method being used.