Explain the features of systems hardware and software in addition to the services provided.

  • Explain the features of systems hardware and software in addition to the services provided.
  • Apply networking principles and protocols to solve a given problem.
  • Formulate scripted solutions to automate operating system services.
  • Implement practical solutions based on the client/server model to solve a given problem.

Task 1

Optinet Ltd., a company specializing in the supply of IT equipment and maintenance, has hired you as an Infrastructure Architect. Your roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Analyse existing systems to ensure they offer adequate security and are meeting the needs of the organization.
  • It is necessary to coordinate with all departments of the organization to ensure that the system performs as it should.
  • Analyzing business requirements to determine where new hardware, operating systems, or connectivity solutions can be integrated.

Task 2

In the IT industry, cloud computing has become the norm in terms of infrastructure. A major driver of IT spending growth across industries is cloud computing. However, higher spending means more responsibility for CIOs to invest budgets wisely, and a greater impact if things go wrong.

As an IT strategic analyst, you have just joined Optinet ltd. The CIO assigns you a leading role to develop a formal strategy to put individuals’ cloud decisions in the context of the company’s strategic goals.

There are many factors that will affect cloud adoption and steps that CIOs should take to succeed in a cloud-first world.

Among them:

  1. Cloud adoption costs.
  2. Mobility/Migration/Portability/Remote access.
  3. Skills/Dependence on the cloud/Elasticity/Transparency/Standards.
  4. Scalability, accessibility, security, and availability/virtualization.
  5. Cloud performance and storage environment.