Ethics, Professionalism and Governance Professional Environments Use Chris MacDonald`s methodology

Case Study 1

John, A statistical database programmer, is trying to write a large statistical program needed by hiscompany. Programmers in this company are encouraged to write their own work and to publish their algorithms in professional journals. After months of tedious programming, John has found himself stuck on several parts of the program. His manager, not recognising the complexity of the problem, wants the job completed in the next few days. Not knowing how to solve the problems,

John remembers that a co-worker had given him source listings from his current work and from an earlier version of a commercial software package developed by another company. On studying these programs, he sees two areas of code which could be directly incorporated into his own program. He uses segments of code from both his co-worker and the commercial software, but does not tell anyone or mention it in the documentation. He completes the project and turns it in a day ahead of time.

Briefly discuss the dilemma for John. Show your utilisation of Chris MacDonald`s methodology to demonstrate how John might analyse and resolve the dilemma.

Provide a recommendation of what actions John should have taken.

Include in your answer those clauses from the ACS code of Ethics and ACS code of Professional

Conduct that are relevant and briefly explain why. Refer also to any relevant legislation with an explanation of how it relates