Discuss Transgender participation in sports.

Proposal Argument Assignment:
The long research essay will be a Proposal Argument. The purpose of a proposal is to suggest some change to some existing law or policy (ex: The US should build a wall on the Mexican border). You may not phrase this as a negative (The US should not build a wall on the Mexican border). You may not use a policy that is already in place (Medical marijuana should be legal). 

The topic must be approved if not taken from the existing list.
The essay will be 5-7 pages.
The essay must have at least 5 sources (A letter grade deduction for each that it lacks)
The essay must be MLA
The essay must have in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
The essay must use credible sources (Journals, books, web-sites ending in .edu or .gov. No Wikipedia, and other online sources must be approved)
The essay may not contain first or second person pronouns (I, we, me, us, you)
The essay must contain a counter argument/refute paragraph
The essay must be in the acceptable range with TURNITIN *Essays that do not meet the deadline or TURNITIN score standards (green/blue) will not qualify for grading.