Discuss the cultural, economic, political and environmental issues associated with a range of events

Option A is the preferred choice for this assignment, however for those who are not able to volunteer for an event in the timeframe, Option B is available. There are thousands of event ideas considered every day and we never really know how successful an event will be. When Sydney-based, Andy Ridley, came up with Earth Hour in a think tank in 2007, little did he know how global this event would become.

If you choose this Option B written assignment, you are required to examine the global event, 

Earth Hour, and address the following criteria in a written report:

1. Title page including report topic, Unit # and name, your name and ID #, lecturer name, submission date (not included in the word limit);

2. Table of content and Word count at the bottom of the page (not included in the word limit);

3. Describe Earth Hour (e.g., what it is, its purpose, where and how it started, participating countries) (300 words) (in this part use some academic/industry references)

As a Figure (not included in the word limit) in your report, visually demonstrate a timeline of events from 2007 to 2018. This one-page timeline should include the number of participating countries, before/after photos of selective iconic landmarks, and significant milestones. Refer to this timeline in your description above;

4. There are over 22 corporations associated with Earth Hour. List 20 corporations listed as official supporters of Earth Hour as a Table (not included in the word limit). To examine these supporters in more detail, select two supporters and indicate what they do to demonstrate their commitment to the cause (e.g., IKEA China supports Earth Hour by dimming lights across stores in 9 cities in China, offering a solar lamp – SUNNAN – as the offer of the day). Tip: look for a media release. In addition, using reference to the event management theory of this unit, discuss how/why Earth Hour and the selected corporation align to have mutual benefits (600 words). Another tip: this is a section that requiresacademic references to support your demonstration and understanding of relevant theory;

Value: 30% of the unit

Format: MSWord without an ECU Coversheet.

Written Assignment of 2,000 words 


  • Explain the management issues in planning, staging and evaluatingevents
  • Discuss the cultural, economic, political and environmental issues associated with a range of events

5. Every year there are numerous local and international Earth Hour Ambassadors. Select one of the international (celebrity) ambassadors (for example, Andy Murray or Jessica Alba). Discuss why this person is a suitable ambassador of the cause (it would be useful to look at their campaigns_e.g., what they do to support/promote Earth Hour and their social media) (500words) (in this part use some academic/industry references);

6. Although Earth Hour is a symbolic gesture to enhance climate change awareness, the concept ‘Beyond The Hour’ encourages communities to go beyond the hour and make (tangible) changes to protect the planet. Select a participating country and discuss an environmental outcome affiliated with Earth Hour (600 words) Another tip: this is a section that requires academic references to support your demonstration and understanding of relevanttheory;

7. Reference list- with a minimum of 5 peer reviewed academic journal references and 3 industry references - IS required. Industry references could be sources such as Youtube video, interviews, reports, and your event website. APA referencing style is required (not included in the word limit);

8. Appendix (Examples of information that could be included in an appendix include figures/tables/charts/graphs, statis