Develop and appreciate the academic skills and techniques necessary to be a successful undergraduate student.

Learning outcome 1: Work effectively in a team.
Learning outcome 2: Develop and appreciate the academic skills and techniques necessary to be a successful undergraduate student.

Assignment task: To complete an individual 1500-word reflective report.

The module will be organised around fourcompulsory challenges to help develop your skills required for success at university. You must get actively involved in each challenge.

The report will summarise the business angle of each challenge and reflect on the personal skills developed and potential areas for continuous improvement.

The report must include coverage of the following-:

The Challenges: An analysis of each challenge which focuses on the business angle eg branding, finance, operations supported by reference to key academic concepts covered on the module and other modules studied at university to support your analysis.For example PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, target markets, profit and loss etc. What knowledge did you learn about how businesses actually work?

The Challenges are as follows-:

Apprentice Challenge
Presentation Challenge
T-shirt Challenge
Hotel Challenge

The Skills: A reflection on the skills you have demonstrated during the challenges to include the following -

  • Communication Skills/ Emotional Intelligence
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management and meeting skills
  • Business skills and competencies developed e.g. presentation skills, use of Excel etc.

Action Plan: An action plan on how you will develop these skills over the next 3 years at university.

The report is a reflective piece but still requires you to demonstrate an evidence based approach to the coverage and consequently there is a need to support the discussion of both the challenges and the skills with reference to core module materials covered in seminar sessions and with additional external research.

The research will represent not only materials covered on the Graduate Challenge module itself but also from other level 4 modules for example coverage of branding from Principles of Marketing, the inclusion of teamwork in from Introduction to People Management and business analysis skills from Global Business Environment or Financial Accounting.

As the report is a reflective piece you do not need to worry about formal style, you can write in terms of "I", "my" etc.

The use of visuals in the appendix that are related to the tasks completed is highly advisable to add interest -for example t-shirt designs,key visuals from slide presentations and excel pricing worksheets.