Describe The Process Followed From Receiving The Initial Sales Instruction From A Client To The Completion:


1) The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of the procedures followed from commencement of the sales process to completion of the sale. ‘

The following sections should be included: –

  • Describe the process followed from receiving the initial sales instruction from a client to the completion of the sale by using a real or simulated property transaction.
  • Explain the source of the instruction ie. how the agency obtained the listing. — Include a brochure for the property with description & photos.
  • Describe the sale method and marketing methods used.
  • Describe the role of complimentary services used in the property transaction eg. Engineers/surveyors, solicitors, financial institutions & valuers.

2) Describe the main types of agencies to include sole agency, joint and multiple agency and the strengths/weaknesses of each.

Presentation of Evidence

Evidence for this assessment may take the form of written, graphic, visual or digital evidence, or any combination of these. Any digital evidence must be provided in a suitable format.

Assessment/Performance Criteria and Marks

Maximum Learner Marks for Assignment 1 is 30 broken down as follows:

  • Relevant material included — 20 Marks
  • Justification of planning choices — 5 Marks
  • Appropriate presentation —5 Marks