Deirdre Is A Primigravida Who Has Been Well During Her Pregnancy. Deirdre Has Been Cared For In The Midwifery Led Unit And Was Looking: Induction Of Labor For Prolonged Pregnancy Case Study, UCD, Ireland

Deirdre is a primigravida who has been well during her pregnancy. Deirdre has been cared for in the Midwifery Led Unit and was looking forward to having her baby there accompanied by her husband John and a Doula that has been helping to plan her birth. Deirdre has decided that she will use water and hypnobirthing for pain management helped by her Doula and John.

At 41 weeks and six days gestation Deirdre was referred to the Consultant Obstetrician who recommended that Deirdre have an Induction of labour. Deirdre and John reluctantly agreed. Deirdre had one of Propess 10mgs inserted in the antenatal ward and after 12 hours of intermittent pains, she has been admitted to the labour ward with a Bishops score of 8. Discuss Deirdre’s care from her admission to the labour ward specifically in relation to Induction of Labour up to the birth of the baby.