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Introduction Chrissy Crafts

Chrissy Crafts Ltd. is a United Kingdom-based enterprise that was established in 2005 by Christine Jones as a small-scale enterprise that specialises in children`s crafts. As an individual with expertise in education, psychology, and parenthood, the founder recognised a need for organic toys and children`s crafts that prioritise the development of creativity, motor skills, mathematics, and behavioural concepts. This approach aims to foster academic, emotional, social, and psychological growth in children. The individual initiated the creation of educational crafts geared towards children aged 2.5 to 10 years old. The enterprise, which originated from a home-based setting, has expanded its operations to encompass a global reach across the European and Asian territories, spanning approximately 20 nations. The company offers a diverse range of 25 distinct products, comprising both conventional and organic rubber soft toys. Chrissy Crafts currently employs 500 individuals worldwide and maintains physical outlets in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

Christine, as a female entrepreneur, espouses the value of collaborating with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and promoting workforce diversity. The organisational culture of the company is focused on individuals and ethical manufacturing practises, as the proprietor firmly maintains that the company`s fundamental pillars are its workforce and the natural environment. Furthermore, Chrissy Crafts has obtained organic certifications that provide reassurance to its stakeholders regarding the purity of the toys that children are embracing. These certifications confirm the use of the most natural fabrics, which are produced in accordance with the highest ethical and ecological standards. Ensuring the safety of children is of paramount importance, as Chrissy crafts adhere to a multitude of international standards and regulations.

Vision, Mission, and Values of Chrissy Crafts Vision

The vision statement of Chrissy Crafts is to establish itself as a highly esteemed craft vendor that consistently brings joy to children.


Chrissy Crafts is dedicated to offering children with superior quality, environmentally sustainable, andsafe crafts and toys that foster creativity and imagination. Based on the notion of simplicity, it is believed that exposing children to natural surroundings is an optimal approach for their academic,emotional, social, and physical development.


Chrissy Crafts focus on three core values Innovation, Collaboration, Teamwork.

Journey from Sole Trader to Private Limited

In 2010, the sole proprietorship enterprise underwent a conversion to a partnership business structure due to operational and managerial challenges faced by Christine in her global business operations. The need for a business partner to facilitate expansion was a key factor in this decision. It is evident that even though the sole proprietorship is easy to establish, the heavy workload that associated with it constitutes a significant drawback. In 2010, Christine entered into a general partnership with Elisa Bates, a prominent business consultant and close personal acquaintance, with the aim of expanding their business to a global scale. In the context of a general partnership, both partners bear responsibility for the management of the enterprise, thereby incurring unlimited liability.

One advantage is the ability to distribute tasks among team members and leverage their individual reas of expertise to benefit the organisation. It is crucial to take into account the competencies, professional principles, and ethical standards exhibited by prospective partners when making a decision about business collaboration. Selecting a partner is both an art and a science, as it is imperative that the partners share a similar vision for the business.

In 2014, Chrissy Crafts transitioned from a partnership business to a private limited company, marking a significant progression for the company. The appointment of Christine Jones as the chairperson.

and Elisa Bates as the CEO was made. The organisational framework of the company is represented in Figure 1 Organisational Structure. Chrissy Crafts has also appointed two Non-Executive Directors who possess extensive knowledge in the global market and manufacturing industry. These individuals bring their unique expertise to the company, thereby enhancing its overall performance.

Manufacturing and CSR Activities in Line with Sustainable Development Goals

Corporate social responsibility is a business approach that prioritises the well-being of the broader community. Chrissy Crafts ensures the incorporation of all four elements in the corporate social responsibility pyramid. In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were introduced and Chrissy Crafts, as a responsible company to its stakeholders, made SDGs their primary objective. As a company focused on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, they integrated most of the SDGs into their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. In 2015, a partnership was established with Earth Watch1. In 2016, the company transitioned their production process to achieve full sustainability by exclusively utilising 100% natural rubber and making investments in the cultivation of Hevea trees. The organisation is dedicated to mitigating its carbon emissions by prioritising carbon-neutral manufacturing processes. In 2017, a collaborative effort was established with the Just a Drop2 India initiative in the state of Tamil Nadu.

In 2018 - Partnered with the Read Foundation 3 to assist children from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Yemen who come from underprivileged backgrounds.

Awards Received

Chrissy Crafts received several awards in recognition of their exceptional work to their stakeholders.

In 2012 – Won the Gold award Loved by Parents4, UK

In 2014 – Won the mom’s choice award5 which focuses on honouring excellence in family friendly media, products and services.

In 2018 – Won the Ethical gift of the year6 award

In 2019 – Won the Hot Diggy Award 7 which signifies innovation, quality, entertainment and/or

educational value and a commitment to excellence.


Chrissy Craft places emphasis on generating a positive influence on society while simultaneously directing attention towards the external market and competitors. The organisation has effectively integrated its values and strategy into its vision, mission, and daily operations. The organisation ensures to collaborate with businesses that align with the values of Chrissy Crafts. As the enterprise expands, the management has taken measures to ensure the preservation of the founder`s vision by engaging with individuals from underprivileged backgrounds and advocating for workforce inclusivity. The company endeavours to devise inventive methodologies in their manufacturing process, with a focus on catering to their primary consumer base of children, while ensuring adherence to ethical and ecological guidelines.