BB4SPT/FT: How Has This Company Utilized Technology (Any Format) To Drive Growth In Sales? Has This Been Successful:

How has this company utilized technology (any format) to drive growth in sales? Has this been successful? Has it assisted in extending the reach of the brand(s)/organization?  Which channels have been leveraged to drive success or otherwise? What have the effects of the global pandemic had on sales performance and strategy? What have the effects of political, legislative, or environmental change had on sales performance and strategy?  N.B.  Sales performance/data should always be included. Any additional growth drivers e.g. sponsorships.

The supporting document should be laid out as follows:

  1. Introduction (brief intro.)
  2. History of the organization (brief history)
  3. Categories of product/services it provides and their global locations.
  4. Evaluation of the role of technology in the success and growth of the organisation (see above).
  5. Challenges the company have faced and/or are likely to face e.g. when entering a new market, political upheaval, global pandemic etc.)
  6. Conclusion (to include any further opportunities for commercial growth based on your research/observations.