Analysis Technician In The Business Development Department Of A Spanish Multinational Dedicated To The High-Tech Industry:

You are an analysis technician in the business development department of a Spanish multinational dedicated to the high-tech industry. You are part of the team working on new locations and the company’s management has asked for a report containing a proposal on the location that could be occupied by the company’s new delegation in Europe. You must work as a team, following the steps defined below. Given the characteristics of the company’s product, the new location demands a stable economic environment. Europe is the most suitable territory for localization.

Indications for the elaboration of the project

  • Groups of 5 people. Groups must be confirmed in Canvas before the first day of class dedicated to working.
  • It is mandatory to work in a group. No individual projects will be accepted.
  • The work consists of four parts. Each part will have to deal with several issues that will be detailed throughout this document.
  • Statistical information must be carefully selected on the database website.
  • You must download the requested data and work in Excel.
  • Graphs resulting from the figures will be exclusively own elaborated. They must be numbered and with complete titles, indicating the variable analyzed, the unit of measurement, the period, and the country. See the Appendix.
  • The numerical results must be linked to the theoretical contents seen in each unit as requested at each point