Although Solitaire Is Synonymous With A Deck Of Cards, The Version In Question Here Is The Board Game Played Traditionally With Marbles:

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Although Solitaire is synonymous with a deck of cards, the version in question here is the board game played traditionally with marbles. The board game consists of 32 marbles and a wooden board with 33 dents/spaces in it as shown here.
Solitaire is a strategic game that requires logical thought, teaches spatial reasoning, introduces the concept of using algorithms and patterns and improves decision-making based on reason.
The game is set by placing the 32 marbles as shown, leaving the space in the centre empty. This is a one-person game with the aim of removing all marbles except one at the very end. Ideally, the last marble is in the centre space for a perfect game.

To remove a marble, you move one marble over another (jump) to land in an empty space. The “jumped” marble is removed from the board.
Marbles can jump in any direction: north, south, east, west. But they cannot jump diagonally.