XGBSHN5102 With reference to relevant authoritative guidelines and scientific literature appraise the possible role of both diet and exercise for the management of hypertension.

This information pertains to the 2000-word assignment.

The 2000-word assignment comprises two tasks directly aligned with the module learning outcomes, each carrying equal weight. Thus, it`s essential to evenly distribute the word count for each part (i.e., 1000 words for each).

Task 1 (0-1000 words):

Provide an explanation of the biochemical and physiological foundations of hypertension.

Task 2 (1000-2000 words):

Evaluate the potential role of both diet and exercise in the management of hypertension, drawing upon pertinent authoritative guidelines and scientific literature.

Key terms:

Biochemical: Refers to the chemical processes and substances occurring within living organisms.

Physiological: Pertains to the branch of biology dealing with the normal functions of living organisms and their components.