What are my Education Goal Options? What are my Major Purchase Goals? What are my retirement options?

The Simona Case


In this homework, you will submit the current plan for the Simonas. Working in groups of two, you will access the case in the Homework section on Blackboard. Note that each group will be provided with a unique version of the case, i.e., different financial figures and dates. Hence, your recommendations in Part #2 (not yet posted) will be unique.


  1. Open Learn@Seneca (Blackboard) and enter the Homework section of the course.
  2. Select your group members (2 students per group). Students must agree to form a group prior to entering names. Individual homeworks will NOT be accepted.
  3. Open Case Study Homework #1 Part #1 - Simonas. This is your unique case study.
  4. Open Case Study Homework #1 - Simona Asset Allocation Questionnaire. This is your asset allocation for the client.
  5. Enter all case information in Naviplan, set and analyze goals in the Current Plan. Generate reports for Part #1 submission as described below and submit as 1 file in Blackboard.

Important: Any issues working within your group must be reported to me immediately, with evidence that you attempted to reach your partner on several occasions (e.g. texts and emails). Otherwise, each group member will receive the same mark. It is unacceptable to submit an homework with only 1 person`s name and then email me to report that the other member did not do any work on the homework.

Enter all appropriate information in Naviplan. Refer to the practice cases for assistance.

Under Client Reports (left hand tool bar), create the following reports for submission:

  1. Cover page (client names, your names, contact information, date)
  2. Table of contents (includes reports in order listed below)
  3. Objectives (create a PDF file and then upload under Custom Content)
  4. Plan Analysis Synopsis
  5. Cash Flow Surplus/Deficit - Current Plan
  6. What are my Education Goal Options? - Current Plan
  7. What are my Major Purchase Goals? - Current Plan
  8. What are my retirement options? - Current Plan.

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