That Operates Multiple Digital Channels, Including Video Streaming, News Websites: Python Machine Learning Assignment, UCD, Ireland

Your company, MediaGuru, is a prominent media organization that operates multiple digital channels, including video streaming, news websites, and social media platforms. The company’s AI strategy aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its advertising campaigns by leveraging advanced audience segmentation and ad targeting techniques. As a data scientist, your task is to develop a data-driven approach to help MediaGuru better understand and segment its audience, ultimately enabling more precise ad targeting and maximizing advertising revenue.

  • How would you preprocess and analyze the data to understand user demographics, interests, and preferences?
  • What machine learning algorithms or techniques would you use to segment the audience and target ads more effectively? Explain your choice.
  • How would you evaluate the performance of your audience segmentation and ad targeting solution? What metrics would you use to determine success?
  • How would you ensure the solution remains adaptable to evolving user preferences and advertising trends over time?
  • What ethical considerations should be taken into account when developing and deploying the audience segmentation and ad targeting solution?

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