TCHR5001 What creates a successful play learning environment?

Task Description

This task requires students to reflect upon key issues presented in Modules 1-3 and create a digital presentation.

Task Instructions

You are working at early childhood education and care setting and have been asked to present at the parent information night. Some parents of children aged 3-5 years voice their concerns about the play-based approaches used in your setting. They believe their children should be engaged in more formal, academic approaches to prepare them for school. You must prepare a ‘pitch’ to explain and justify the importance of a play-based pedagogical approach. Students may use PowerPoint, Prezi or Canva presentations. Your presentation must be accessible via a URL.

Your pitch must identify and justify the following elements:

  • Your play philosophy
  • The important role of play in children’s learning and development including at least 3 developmental domains.
  • What creates a successful play learning environment?

Your pitch must be supported and informed by:

  • At least 2 theories presented in Modules 1 and 2, including 1 foundational theory.
  • Relevant early childhood education and care policies, research and literature.