QUSU07022 A Developer Has Engaged Your Services To Advise Her In Relation To Appraising Two Possible Options To Construct A New Hotel:

Question 1:

1. A developer has engaged your services to advise her in relation to appraising two possible options to construct a new hotel. Those options are:

A. A greenfield location (owned by developer) on the outskirts of a city.

B. A tight urban location which is available to purchase within the central district of a city.

A. In order to begin the justification of the proposed project, advise the developer of at least six areas of concern that must be considered in appraising the merits of her project providing examples of each area of concern.

B. The client has no experience in the construction industry and is likely to see how the construction stage goes before committing to final decisions on every aspect of the proposed project. On this basis, she has requested that you advise her in relation to how the timing of changes can impact a project.