QSP5ETC one sustainable proposal your organisation can recommend as applicable during the construction phase

Task 1
Prepare an initial report for the chief estimator following your review of the tender documents to support the recommendations for drafting of the tender submission.
Your report should critically analyse and address the following:

  • one reason why it is necessary to examine the tender documents (approximately 150 words);
  • two factors that will inform your recommendation for deciding whether or not to go ahead with the tender (approximately 400 words);
  • one sustainable proposal your organisation can recommend as applicable during the construction phase (approximately 150 words).

Your report (approximately 1,000 words) should also include introduction and conclusion sections (approximately 150 words each). The word counts provided for the individual sections above are indicative and provide a guide of the weighting of each section of the report.
You should also ensure that your report includes a cover page, contents list, headings and subheadings aligned to areas in the brief.
An executive summary and recommendation are not required.

Task 2
As part of the tender estimate, you are required to compile unit rates, A-E to support the pricing of the items shown in the Bill of Quantities (Appendix B). You are not required to provide any assumptions as all the cost data information is included in Appendix A. Overheads and profit should be included in the rates at 10%.

For unit rates A, B, C and D, you are only required to submit the final figure using the step-1 link provided in the submission week. All unit rates submitted in step-1 carry equal weighting.

For unit rate E, you must submit all your calculations showing the appropriate Labour, Plant and Material components. The build-up should be included in your submission and each stage explained in the column to the right-hand side of your calculations. Explanations of where the pricing data is taken from should also be provided. This should be submitted as part of your report (task 1) using the step-2 link in the submission week.

(This task is equivalent to 600 words. The word count applies to the explanations for unit rate E and effort related to unit rates A, B, C & D).
You have been provided with templates for the build-up of the unit rates and the BQ page, which can be accessed in the assignment week of the module page.