PRP 401 Be able to identify a suitable research topic and justify it

Research Methods of Enquiry - Level 7

The following programmes are studied through the development of a Consultancy Project Report.

Learning Outcome 1: Be able to identify a suitable research topic and justify it
Learning Outcome 2: Be able to develop a suitable research aim and objectives
Learning Outcome 3: Be able to find good quality sources and propose a suitable method for the research


The purpose of this module is to show that a student can identify a viable and relevant topic and a credible and realistic means to research it and can then document these things in a clear and convincing way. The topic chosen for this module is one that the student will then go on to research during the related Consultancy Project Report module. This module must therefore be taken and passed before a student commences the Consultancy Project Report module.

The student`s choice of topic must fall within ONE of the following two approaches:

1. A work-based project, which will involve the student working in a consultative capacity with a specific organisation, where the emphasis will be on analysing and evaluating substantive strategic problems or issues within the organisation and formulating appropriate solutions and/or recommendations.


2. A project which will involve analysing and evaluating substantive strategic problems in a specific business sector, formulating perspectives on how the problems might be tackled and making an assessment of the future changes that will affect developments in that sector.
The research topic will require a literature review and/or the analysis of secondary data from the chosen organisation. It is also expected to include the collection and analysis of primary data from the chosen organisation or sector.
Examples of past student topics that illustrate the sort of work expected are:
- People`s experiences of working from home and what can be done to improve their productivity
- Customer satisfaction with a specific retailer, especially areas of relatively low satisfaction where the company might want to focus any improvements
- The causes and consequences of the over-use of consultants in a large international organisation