PRP 401 Be able to identify a suitable research topic and justify it

Research Methods of Enquiry - Level 7

This module focuses on the development of a Consultancy Project Report and encompasses the following learning outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1: Identify a suitable research topic and justify it. Learning Outcome 2: Develop a relevant research aim and objectives. Learning Outcome 3: Locate high-quality sources and propose an appropriate research method.


The aim of this module is to demonstrate the ability to identify a viable and pertinent research topic and outline a credible, realistic approach to researching it, documented in a clear and persuasive manner. The selected topic will be the focus of the subsequent Consultancy Project Report module. Successful completion of this module is a prerequisite for commencing the Consultancy Project Report.

Students can select a topic within one of two approaches:

  1. Work-based project: Involves working in a consultative capacity with a specific organization, emphasizing analysis and evaluation of strategic problems or issues within the organization, and proposing suitable solutions or recommendations.

  2. Sector-specific project: Focuses on analyzing and evaluating strategic problems within a business sector, developing perspectives on addressing these problems, and assessing future sectoral developments.

Research topics will necessitate a literature review and/or analysis of secondary data from the chosen organization or sector, along with the collection and analysis of primary data.

Examples of past student topics include:

  • Examining remote working experiences and strategies to enhance productivity.
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction with a particular retailer, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Investigating the causes and effects of excessive consultant usage in an international organization.