MECH0007 Why does X1A contain equiaxed grains and X1, which is essentiallythe same metal, contain columnar grains?

MECH0007 Fundamentals of Materials - Materials Characterisation Lab

Metallography Session

c) Why does X1A contain equiaxed grains while X1, essentially the same metal, contains columnar grains?

Mechanical Testing Session

r) Provide the data recorded during the lab session for the hardness tests and calculate the average.

s) Research and explain whether there is a relationship between the hardness value measured in a typical Vickers Hardness test and the actual yield strength and tensile strength of a metal.

t) Explain briefly why the hardness test conducted is not suitable for ceramics, other brittle materials, or most polymer types.

u) Convert the Vickers Hardness values into Rockwell and Brinell hardness and comment on the reliability of these conversions.