LNDN09002 Identify a public organisation of your choice from the private, government or third sectors that has not performed as successfully as they had planned over the past 3 years.

Question 1: Select a public organization from the private, government, or third sectors that has faced challenges in achieving its planned goals over the past three years.

Question 2: Craft a 350-word Executive Summary (30% of assessment mark) outlining strategic recommendations for the organization to pursue over the next 3 to 5 years.

Question 3: Conduct a 500-word Strategic Audit analyzing your chosen organization`s financial and operational performance over the past three years (10% of assessment mark).

Question 4: Develop a 1650-word Analysis (40% of assessment mark) elaborating on and justifying the strategic actions proposed in the Executive Summary.

Question 5: Write a 500-word Critical Reflection (20% of assessment mark) reflecting on your learning journey during the management report development, including insights gained from tutorial preparations.

  1. Ensure the Management Report structure aligns with guidelines provided on AULA to avoid a narrative essay format that would require resubmission during the examination period.
  2. Employ a formal, analytical writing style supported by evidence to substantiate your recommendations. Utilize UWS library resources and AULA for writing assistance.
  3. Leverage tutorial sessions and AULA materials for guidance on composing your critical reflection.
  4. Compile an exhaustive appendix of library references utilized (not included in word count) reflecting the allocated 150 hours of study.
  5. Apply Harvard referencing style for all cited sources. Refer to UWS library website and AULA for Harvard referencing instructions.