Identify the key elements that should be included in a healthy eating policy for an ELC setting

Performance Criteria:

Section 1: Care Skills (30 marks)
Care skills can include sleep safety practices, nappy changing, assisting with feeding, and assisting with toileting.
Detail two care skills that you carried out within the ELC setting and discuss the following for each care skill (15 marks x 2)

  • Detail the care skill that was carried out and the age of the child (3 marks)
  • Outline best practices in relation to the child’s well-being and safety and discuss how you adhered to these (3 marks)
  • Outline how the care skill is recorded and communicated to parents (3 marks)
  • Detail how collaborative practice was considered before and during the activity (3 marks)
  • Evaluate your role during the care skill and identify your strengths and weaknesses (3 marks)

Section 2: Infection Prevention and Immunisation (20 marks)

the causes of illness and infection spread in the Childcare setting (2 marks)

Outline 3 common childhood illnesses to include the following for each condition:

  • Overview of condition (3 marks)
  • How the condition can be spread (3 marks)
  • Incubation period (3 marks)

Outline best practices to prevent the spread of infection (2 marks)

Describe what a vaccine is and the benefits of vaccines (2 marks)
Outline the possible side effects of vaccines (2 marks)
Outline the recommended Immunisation Schedule for 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 13 months (3 marks)

Section 3: Nutrition (20 marks)
Outline the importance of nutrition on children’s health and well-being (2 marks)

Outline the factors to consider when planning healthy and varied meals and snacks for children aged 2-5 years (2 marks)
Discuss the importance of collaboration with parents in meal planning (2 marks)

Develop daily menus for a full-time day-care service for children aged 2-5 years over a 5-day period to include:

  • Breakfast – Morning Snack – Lunch – Afternoon snack – Dinner – Evening snack (8 marks)

Explain how the various food groups are evident in the menu (2 marks)

Identify the key elements that should be included in a healthy eating policy for an ELC setting (4 marks)