Identify ethical issues that you will need to consider in the conduction of your research project.


Students will be expected to complete a research proposal directly related to their topic of interest as identified in Assessment Task 1. To successfully complete this task students are required to use all of the core learning throughout this course and to formulate them into a research proposal.

Purpose: To develop skills in preparing a research proposal that involves thought about all aspects of the project design and implementation.

Description: Using the same clinical research topic from the assessment task 1 (literature review), students are required to create a proposed research project and complete all the sections of the research proposal as outlined below. The Research Proposal should include the following sections/ information:

1. Introduction :

  • 1-2 paragraphs that gives a brief description of the context of the study. What is the study about and why?
  • Provide background information of the research topic in a global and/or Australian context.
  • Do not copy and paste the introduction from your literature review!
  • Historical references may be used here to give context to the topic. Systematic reviews/meta-analyses may be utilised and referenced here to give context to the topic.

2. Research Aim :

  • 2-3 succinct sentences that describes what you would like to change or modify or introduce into your health or healthcare related practice? State your aims and research question/s.

3. Literature review :

  • 2-3 paragraphs that gives a brief summary of the literature (from assessment task 1). Articles should have been published in the past ten years. Do not reproduce your literature review. You are providing a summary of the key findings and implications.
  • Include key references that you anticipate will inform your project. Don`t forget to critically evaluate this work.
  • This section should conclude with a problem statement or justification for conducting the research.

4. Methodology :

  • 3-5 paragraphs that provides information about how you intend to conduct your research. Sections should include the following:

a) Study Design

  • Provide a brief description and justification of the proposed research/study design with references.

b) Study Setting & Participants

  • What is the context and/or location of the study? 
  • Who is your intended study population? Provide a description of your participants, including the number of participants you require (and why?) and how you will recruit participants.

c) Data Collection

  • Identify the artifacts or evidence you propose to collect to support your project aims.
  • What tools or instruments will you need to develop? (You do not need to develop these, just provide a description). You will need to reference any pre-existing data collection tools.
  • Describe the approach to data collection that you intend to use. Who will be collecting the data?

d) Data Analysis

How will you analyse the data? What process does this involve (include references)?

5. Ethical Considerations:

  • Identify ethical issues that you will need to consider in the conduction of your research project.
  • Provide a plan as to how you will avoid or resolve these ethical issues should they arise.

6. Significance of Research:

  • 1-2 paragraphs that clearly explains the significance of your proposed research. Discuss its anticipated contribution towards existing knowledge and/or translation into clinical practice.

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