Identify an episode of care which you delegated to another; this could be to a student/ trainee, HCA, NA, RN or member of the MDT.

Aims of the assignment:

Demonstrate an ability to effectively use a recognised model of reflection to reach a new level of understanding about your practice Demonstrate an ability to critically explore the learning that has taken place both for you and the individual to whom an area of practice was delegated to. Demonstrate an ability to devise an action plan demonstrating how you will respond to a similar situation in future

Assignment Guidelines

Write a word reflection using a reflective model. You can use any reflective model; ensure you are clear within your introduction which model you are using, provide a rationale for your choice.

  1. Identify an episode of care which you delegated to another; this could be to a student/ trainee, HCA, NA, RN or member of the MDT. Ensure that you expand on why this care was delegated and the outcome and how you supported the individual to learn from this experience.
  2. Use your chosen reflective model to critically explore this situation and gain an understanding as to how you might respond in the future.
  3. You will have already reviewed the document in terms of its development and evidence base for the non- assessed formative exercise. The credibility of your chosen document is likely to impact on its potential to influence practice. You need to attach a word summary of this review as an appendix to your assignment and refer to it to inform the points that you are making in your writing.
  4. You may want to highlight how you would know whether the recommendations from the chosen document are being effectively implemented in practice
  5. You should consider how the policy or guideline may impact on your role as a nursing associate - what is the scope for you to implement the (evidence based) guidelines in practice?

4. Structure and Format

  1. This assignment needs to follow the same structure and format as other academic assessments on the programme and so you need to take note of feedback that you have had from previous submissions in terms of presentation, organisation of ideas, logical flow and grammatical accuracy. The assignment will be assessed against the DMU level 5 marking criteria which can be found in your module guide. It is expected that at this level your writing will show evidence of moving beyond description with a general critical approach to your work.
  2. You will need to support your writing with appropriate literature which will be cited in your writing and presented in your reference list. You have been signposted to some relevant literature throughout the module. It is expected that you will use 15-20 references to inform your work.
  3. Throughout the programme you have been signposted to the academic support available through DMU Blackboard and to texts to support the development of academic skills. It is recommended that you refer back to these as needed. It is also advised that you seek support from your Academic Assessor once you have an idea of your policy document and a draft outline plan. You will also have feedback from the formative exercise to support your writing.