HPPSC81 - Political Sciences and Research Assignment - Unisa

Assignment Task


  1. Explain the following concepts/aspects in the philosophy of science. Augment your discussion with appropriate examples, where applicable.

(a) Elaborate on the concept of identifying a regress.

(b) Discuss the relationship between the philosophy of science and research methodology.

(c) Differentiate between begging the question and the false dilemma.

(d) Explore the concept of retroductive reasoning/logic.

(e) Analyze the disparity between inductive and deductive arguments.

  1. Compose an essay comparing the Logical positivist empiricist (LP/E) and Marxist nonrealism (critical theory) conceptions of science, focusing on:

    • The distinction between the context of discovery and the context of justification.
    • The unity of the scientific method.
    • The differentiation between observational and theoretical terms.
    • The nature of scientific knowledge.
    • Scientific progress. Support your discussion with relevant examples.
  2. Craft an essay comparing the MSSD and MDSD methods concerning logic and methods of discovery and disproof. Additionally, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the MSSD and the MDSD.

  3. Write an essay comparing Marxist Realism and Epistemological Anarchism, also known as Feyerabend’s Scientific Anarchism conception of science, examining their ontological, epistemological, and axiological assumptions; prominent methodological features, and research methods/techniques.