Explain the legal requirements relating to transfers of undertakings.

Specialist Employment.

Preparation for the Tasks.

  • Refer to the indicative content in the unit to guide and support your evidence.

  • Pay attention to how your evidence is presented, remember you are working in the People Practice Team for this task.

  • Ensure that the evidence generated for this assessment remains your own work.

  • You will also benefit from: Reflecting on your own experiences of learning opportunities and training and continuing professional development. 

  • Reading the CIPD Insight, Fact Sheets, and related online material on these topics.

  • You should relate academic concepts, theories, and professional practice to the assessment task, in a critical and informed way, and with reference to key texts, articles and other publications. Don’t forget to: 

  • Complete the front cover sheet, sign with a “wet signature” and place at the front of your assessment.

  • Use the bullet points below each task as headings and sub-headings so your marker can see where your answer begins.

Section 1.

A. Evaluate the principles of discrimination law in recruitment, 

Section 2.

A.Explain the major statutory rights workers have in relation to pay.

B. Explain the major statutory rights in leave and working time.

C. Explain the main principles of maternity, paternity, and adoption rights in the context of employment rights. 

D. Explain other employment rights relating to flexible working. 

Section 3.

A. Discuss the legal implications of managing change.

B. Explain the legal requirements relating to transfers of undertakings.