CSE4049-N what are your project research objectives (1 - 4/5). You need to explain why these are valid.

Postgraduate Business Research Methods

Introduction and Background - Chapter 1

Research Rationale, Aim, and Objectives a) Introduction and project rationale - explain what your research project will explore and why it is important. b) Demonstrates understanding of context, audience, and purpose. c) Project Aim(s) - what are you trying to achieve with your project? d) Project Objectives - what are your project research objectives (1 - 4/5)? You need to explain why these objectives are valid.

Literature Review - Chapter 2

Select an appropriate theory according to your research aim and explain its significance.

This section elucidates how the literature has shaped and influenced your study. You should discuss how you propose to address any conflicting issues raised by the literature.

  • Select and critically analyze published theory and research relevant to your topic. 
  • Support your discussion with academic sources. 
  • Use headings and subheadings to structure your discussion.

For example,

Introduction Introduction to this chapter`s content.

Theory Identify the theory used in this study and explain its relevance.

Research Objective 1 Your literature findings related to research objective 1.

Research Objective 2 Your literature findings related to research objective 2.

Research Objective 3 Your literature findings related to research objective 3.

Research Objective 4 Your literature findings related to research objective 4.

Research Design and Methodology - Chapter 3

Paradigm Explain the paradigm and justify why you chose an appropriate paradigm.

Sampling Describe how you selected your participants (sampling).

Tools and Data Requirements Based on your research questions, describe the methods you will use. Outline key research methodologies you plan to use to access information. This could include qualitative, quantitative, secondary, and/or primary data/information sources (questionnaire, interview, statistical reports, or recorded interviews).

Data Collection Process

  • Explain how you will collect the chosen data. 
  • Describe your questioning structure - focus groups, questionnaires, etc. 
  • How do you intend to administer the survey, e.g., in person, online survey (using tools like SurveyMonkey), email, etc.?
  • Note: this needs to be explicitly linked to your research objectives.

Ethics in Business Research Discuss the ethical implications of your study. Consider ethical elements of primary or secondary data and ensure ethical concerns within aims and objectives are properly addressed.

For primary research, describe the ethical issues, including (a) consent form and (b) participant information form.

Data Analysis Technique - Chapter 4 Discuss the analytical process based on proposed aims and objectives, choose appropriate analysis techniques based on your research design, and explain how they will be implemented. 

  • Presentation of data analysis techniques. 
  • Consideration of methods to achieve or present conclusions related to the aims and objectives.
  • Understanding of the analytical process based on proposed aims and objectives.

Presentation within Report and Dissertation Schedule 

  • Maintain an excellent standard within the report: use proper report structure (title page, contents page, page numbers, chapters structured using MS Word Headers). 
  • Avoid grammatical and spelling errors, appropriately cite and reference, and maintain a good reference list at the end of the document.
  • Present the dissertation schedule with a clear understanding.